Newcastle, Wyoming Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are facing criminal charges in Newcastle, Wyoming (a part of Weston County), you need a Wyoming criminal misdemeanor and felony defense lawyer familiar with the policies and procedures unique to area's courts. Our legal team is ready and able to represent you in Newcastle's district and circuit courts.

Newcastle, Wyoming Courts

Located at the intersection of US Highways 16 & 85, Newcastle, Wyoming is surrounded by gorgeous scenery. Unfortunately, residents and visitors sometimes find themselves facing DUI / DWUI charges and other criminal cases in town. No matter how long you have been in Newcastle, when court appearances are in your future, you need to know you are hiring an attorney familiar with the court and its staff.

Newcastle, Wyoming is home to three courts in two different court buildings.

6th Judicial District Court

Newcastle WY Courts

Newcastle, Wyoming Courts

The 6th Judicial District Court is located in the Weston County Courthouse at 1 West Main Street, Newcastle, WY 82701. It is served by three district court judges: the Honorable John R. Perry (through January 2021); the Honorable Thomas W. Rumpke (through 2021); and the Honorable Michael N. Deegan (through January 2019). The county shares its district with nearby Crook County, Wyoming, with a courthouse in each county seat. The District Court judges here oversee felony criminal dockets, as well as civil cases over a certain value, juvenile, and probate cases. If you are charged with a serious crime in Weston County, you will probably have to appear in these courtrooms at some point.

Weston County Circuit Court

The Weston County Circuit Court is located at 6 West Warwick, Newcastle, WY, 82701. Cases are heard here by the Honorable Matt Castano (through January 2017) and Magistrate Stanley Sheehan (through January 2017). Like the other 23 county circuit courts in Wyoming, this court addresses matters of family violence, stalking, assault and battery, as well as DUI and DWUI. It also hears all misdemeanor cases and the initial proceedings on more serious felony charges.

Newcastle Municipal Court

The Newcastle Municipal Court can be found in City Hall at 10 West Warwick, Newcastle, Wyoming, 82701. This court addresses ordinance violations for the incorporated City of Newcastle, Wyoming, as well as traffic and parking violations. The municipal court can impose penalties of up to 6 months in jail and/or $750 dollars.

If you have a case in Newcastle, you may also need to know that the Weston County Clerk's Office is located in the Weston County Courthouse at 1 West Main Street, Buffalo, WY 82701.

Hiring a Newcastle, Wyoming Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal defense attorney Christina L. Williams knows the Newcastle courts well. She has appeared before Weston County district and circuit court judges, and has appeared in the Newcastle Municipal Court. She has developed a reputation with the judges' staff and with Weston County Attorney William Curley's office. She knows how to get a fair result in these courts. Under her leadership, our criminal defense team will fully develop your case's defenses, so you can make the most of your day in court.

Get Help from Just Criminal Law

Making the best out of local criminal charges depends on choosing the right lawyer. Our skilled criminal defense team is ready to represent you in Newcastle, Wyoming. Whether you are facing charges or are being questioned by local police, we're here to help. Call 307-686-6556 or contact us online to schedule your personalized case review and strategy session.

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