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Drug charges can be a wake-up call that you weren't expecting. When you have been accused of a drug crime you may be reasonably concerned about how a conviction will affect your reputation or profession, and whether you will be facing jail or prison, fines and costs, or probation. That's why as soon as you think the police may be investigating, you should contact the experienced drug crime defense team at Just Criminal Law. We handle drug crimes on a regular basis and will help guide you through the legal process.

How We Help: Drug Crime Defense

Attorney Christina L. Williams and her team know what it takes to beat a drug charge. In defending your case, we will take aggressive action to fully investigate your case, develop defenses, and take your drug charges to trial if necessary. We represent clients accused of all drug-related crimes, including but not limited to:

  • Possession of marijuana, methamphetamine and illegal possession of prescription drugs
  • Possession with intent to deliver
  • Drug crimes involving firearms
  • DUI charges involving controlled substances

When drug charges involve large quantities of controlled substances or firearms, you may face federal charges as well as state charges. It is essential to work with an attorney who can explain the seriousness of these types of cases and can coordinate your defense at the federal and state levels.

If you are a parent facing charges of drug possession, you may also face a drug-endangered child charge. Ms. Williams handles these cases, and can help you fight these charges and navigate an abuse and neglect case, should the state bring one against you.

Starting Before the Charges are Filed

Drug crime investigation can sometimes start days, weeks, or even months before the charges are ever filed. Things you say or do during that time can strengthen or weaken your defense. Our criminal defense team can come alongside you even before the police have decided to charge you. We will fight to protect your rights so that nothing you say or do can be used against you later on.

The Experience of a Former Prosecutor

When you are facing complex charges for a drug crime, it is important that your lawyer has a view of the big picture. You need someone who can look at your case from all angles, and develop the strongest defenses to get you a fair outcome. Drug crime defense attorney Christina L. Williams has taken on drug crime cases as a prosecutor and a defense attorney. She knows what to expect from the other side. She will help you objectively assess the strengths of your case and any defenses so that you can make an informed decision on how best to proceed.

Taking Drug Crimes to Trial

A trial on a drug crime is one part testimony and one part lab results. Having a drug crime defense attorney who knows the science behind the drug tests will give you a stronger defense. Our criminal defense team will review the specifics of every drug analysis to look for procedural irregularities and constitutional rights violations. When we find them, we will fight to use them to your advantage or exclude that evidence from trial.

The Side-Effects of Drug Crime Charges

Like DUI / DWUI, a drug crime, whether a felony or a misdemeanor, can have far-reaching consequences. If convicted, you can expect substance abuse treatment to be part of your sentence, as well as fines, costs, probation, and often jail or prison. After the conviction is entered, you could also face side-effect consequences like harm to your reputation as a professional. You may also have your assets seized.

Contact Just Criminal Law

It is never too early to contact a drug crime defense attorney. Our team wants to get to know you and help you protect your rights. We are happy to travel to represent people facing drug charges in Wyoming and South Dakota. It all starts by scheduling your personalized case review and strategy session with our dedicated client care specialist today. Call our office in Gillette, Wyoming at 307-686-6556 or contact us online to reserve a time today. Credit cards are accepted. Spanish language services are available upon request.

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