Sturgis Rally Criminal Defense

Effective Defense for Clients Charged During the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Each year, the city of Sturgis, South Dakota, adds several police officers to its ranks for the sole purpose of patrolling the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally — and each year these officers make thousands of arrests. If you have been charged with a crime during the rally, you will need to contact a lawyer as soon as possible: the courts process these cases as quickly as they can.

South Dakota Drug, DUI or Assault Charges? We Can Help.

Criminal defense attorney Christina L. Williams and her team practice in both Wyoming and South Dakota. We will take aggressive action to defend your rights. Some of the most crime charges we hear about at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally each year include:

If you are facing these or any other criminal charges, you need a lawyer who knows what they're doing and is familiar with the local courts. Attorney Williams is a former prosecutor who knows how to negotiate. Do you need a plea deal? Were you unfairly arrested, by overzealous police? Attorney Williams will make sure your rights were not violated and that your side of the story is heard, explain the consequences you may be facing, give you a realistic assessment of your case, and provide you with an aggressive defense.

Arrested at the Sturgis Rally? Learn Why You Need to Act Fast to Protect Your Rights!

Sturgis and the surrounding communities have a small judicial system. In order to efficiently process all of the arrests made at the motorcycle rally, these judicial systems may handle your case very quickly. Without the right attorney representing you, you could face a heavier penalty. You only get one shot at justice — it is imperative to make sure that your rights are protected.

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