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Domestic Violence

10 Things You Need to Know About Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence charges are serious, and a conviction could have lifelong consequences, including fines and jail time, and a profound effect on your family and your life. Once the police have been called to a domestic dispute, prosecutors are unlik… Read More
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How to Defend Against Charges of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a significant problem in Wyoming and across the country. However, the way law enforcement and the courts handle allegations of domestic violence creates the very real and very serious possibility that many people are falsely accu… Read More
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Document with the name restraining order.

5 Things You Need to Know About Protective Orders in Wyoming

A protective order is issued in a criminal case and prohibits the person named in the order from coming within a certain distance of the person who is protected by the order. When someone violates a protective order, they can be charged with a crime… Read More
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What To Do If You’ve Be…

What To Do If You’ve Been Charged with Domestic Violence in Wyoming

Allegations of domestic violence can rip a family apart. These are serious criminal charges, and a conviction could have lifelong consequences, including fines, jail time, and a profound impact on your family life. Fortunately, there are steps you ca… Read More
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How Will a Domestic Violence Charge Affect My Divorce?

Allegations of domestic violence are always troubling. But if you’ve been accused of domestic violence before or during a divorce, the consequences can be devastating. Protect yourself by working with a team of dedicated and experienced criminal de… Read More
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Defenses to Wyoming Domestic Violence Allegations

Allegations of domestic violence can give rise to a wide range of emotions, including anger, frustration, disbelief, and betrayal. Sometimes a domestic violence charge is the result of a misunderstanding. It could be something as simple as neighbors… Read More
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Second Amendment and Gun

A Wyoming Domestic Violence Conviction Could Mean Loss of Gun Rights

A Wyoming domestic violence charge can be frustrating, and can trigger a complex set of emotions that include anger, fear, and embarrassment. In addition to the emotional consequences of domestic violence allegations and the very real fear of facing… Read More
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Sign Showing Penalties for a Wyoming Domestic Violence Conviction - Prison or Alternative Sentences

Penalties for a Wyoming Domestic Violence Conviction

Under Wyoming domestic violence laws, a person who commits an assault or battery against a member of the same household may be subject to stiffer penalties and a possible felony charge. The penalties are even higher if you prior convictions for viole… Read More
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Defending Domestic Violence Charges: What to Do When Your Relationship Goes to Court

If you’re facing domestic violence charges in Wyoming, you may be frustrated, angry, or feel betrayed – and possibly scared about what might happen next and what you should expect. But make no mistake – even if you believe the charges are basel… Read More
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