5 Reasons to Hire a Team of Criminal Defense Professionals

There are a lot of criminal defense lawyers out there.

If you’ve been charged with a crime in Wyoming, how do you know which one to pick?

At the Just Criminal Law Group, our team of criminal defense professionals defends you against allegations that you committed a crime.

Here we explain why you should hire a team of criminal defense professionals to handle your case.

#1 - Each Member of Our Criminal Defense Team Specializes in One Area of Your Defense

Many solo practitioners are just that - they work alone, which means they wear many hats. One person is responsible for running the office, answering phone calls, investigating a case, answering client questions, investigating the crime scene, researching the law, appearing in court, finding and collecting evidence, and investigating the government’s evidence, for multiple clients.

When you choose to work with our team of criminal defense professionals, you get the benefit of knowing that each person in our office is responsible for a fraction of all of those responsibilities. They can devote considerable attention to one or two elements of your case, and they get really good at doing that job.

All members of our team participate in serving you, and each member of our team is focused on getting results for our clients.

Different members of our team are good at different things, and each person has the chance to specialize in just a handful of the elements necessary to provide you with a compelling defense.

#2 - Team Members Bring Unique Experience, Expertise, and Insight to the Job

Each member of our criminal defense team brings unique experience and insight to your case. With different backgrounds and diverse specialities, our team knows the process of investigating and prosecuting a criminal case inside and out. We use that knowledge to defend our clients. We know what the prosecution will try to do, and we can take steps to counteract it.

Of course, you’re focused on the lawyer you are hiring; but non-lawyers bring valuable expertise to the criminal defense process. This includes organizational skills, investigative skills, and research skills. Each member of our team makes a valuable contribution to your defense.

Some people are concerned that working with a team of lawyers will cost more that working with a sole practitioner. But working with a team of criminal defense professionals allows our office to function more efficiently, which actually saves you money.

Because each member of our team specializes in a particular area of the practice, we are able to handle your case as efficiently - and cost-effectively - as possible. This means that when we set out to do things, we know what we’re getting into and don’t need to reinvent the wheel each time.

#3 - More Resources to Combat the Government

When the prosecutor goes to court, he or she brings the vast resources of the government with them. All of these resources have one goal in mind - to find you guilty.

Unlike working with a solo practitioner, who carries out all aspects of your defense alone while managing other clients, working with a team of criminal defense professionals allows your lawyer to focus on what she does best - represent you in you in court.

The same way the prosecutor relies on the police to investigate an alleged crime, our team of criminal defense professionals are all working to find and present evidence that will convince the jury to find you Not Guilty.

#4 - Collaboration Means Better Results

Because criminal charges are becoming ever-more nuanced and complex, it’s important to have a team of criminal defense professionals who stay up to date with changes in the law and have complementary expertise that can serve our clients.

Working together we can devise innovative strategies to defend you against the crime you have been accused of committing.

As the old saying goes, “Two heads are better than one.” And when your freedom is on the line, you want as many heads in your corner as possible, working to have the charges reduced, your case dismissed, or for a Not Guilty verdict.

#5 - An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Oversees Your Defense

As the lead attorney on your case, our founder, former prosecutor Christina L. Williams, oversees all aspects of your defense and creates the vision for how your case will be defended. She assigns various aspects of your defense to the team member best suited to carry it out, then brings all of these elements together to create a compelling defense that will lead to favorable results.

Christina L. Williams has been practicing criminal law in Wyoming since 2001. She has worked as both a prosecutor and a criminal defense lawyer, and understands a case from both sides.

She has spent her career in the courtroom, and knows how to present your case in a way that will resonate with the jury.

The Team at Just Criminal Law Group Is Here to Protect Your One Shot at Justice

If you or someone you care about has been charged with a crime, schedule a personalized case review and hire our team of criminal defense professionals to handle your case.

At Just Criminal Law Group, our team of criminal defense professionals is here to help protect your one shot at justice. Team members will investigate the charges against you, challenge the evidence and the way it was collected, and will work hard to have the charges reduced, your case dismissed, or for a Not Guilty verdict at trial.

To get started with your defense, contact Just Criminal Law Group today. Call us at 307-686-6556, email inquiry@justcriminallaw.com, or complete our online form. Our team is here to protect your one shot at justice.

DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this article is offered for educational purposes only. This information is not offered as legal advice. A person accused of a crime should always consult with an attorney before making decisions that have legal consequences.