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Christina L. Williams

It’s not only Christina’s many years of experience that set her apart from other criminal justice attorneys, it’s her absolute compassionate commitment to her clients and her deep-seated need to see fair and just results in their cases. These core beliefs are shared by the powerhouse team of talented professionals at Just Criminal Law. As a former prosecutor, Ms. Williams is able to view the case from all sides and knows what tactics may be used by the other side in court. She will anticipate how a judge or jury may respond to a client’s defense and help prepare her client to have the best possible outcome. It is Ms. Williams’ belief that the justice system must have capable and ambitious defense teams, like the one at Just Criminal Law, in order to ensure a fair and just result. She has committed her entire career and team to making sure her clients have a complete and effective defense. She believes everyone is entitled to a chance to put their best foot forward. One of the most rewarding parts of building an organization like Just Criminal Law, Christina believes, is helping her team reach their personal, professional and financial goals. Each person at the firm gives 100% and has special skills and experience and deserves to feel valued. She believes it is her firm’s job to make sure their clients are able to put their best foot forward while they are in front of the court. Ms. Williams understands that everyone makes mistakes, but those mistakes do not define the person. It’s Christina’s dedication to her clients and her competitive nature that drive her to get a fair result and the best possible outcome. Read More
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