Fleeing the Scene After a DWUI Accident

Driving While Under the Influence (DWUI) and hit and run are both serious crimes with severe penalties. If you leave the scene of an accident because you fear you will be charged with DWUI, you could be charged with both crimes and face serious criminal punishment.

But by working with the team of criminal defense professionals at Just Criminal Law, you can minimize the likelihood of the most severe punishments. Our team will thoroughly investigate the circumstances of the offense, explain to you the potential penalties, help you explore your options, and provide a vigorous legal defense.

Hit and Run

Fleeing the scene of an accident, commonly known as a hit and run, is a serious criminal offense. Wyoming drivers have a legal obligation to remain at the scene of an accident, provide their name, address, and vehicle registration number, and render reasonable assistance to anyone who needs it.

Leaving the scene of an accident is a misdemeanor. But if the accident involves death or serious injury, you could face felony charges. And if you are charged with hit and run involving a DWUI, you face felony charges that could result in up to 20 years in prison and a hefty fine.


Driving While Under the Influence (DWUI) is also a serious crime and the penalties can be severe, especially if someone was injured. Causing bodily injury while DWUI is a felony, punishable by up to 7 years in jail, fines of up to $10,000, a driver’s license suspension of up to 3 years, and more.

Hit and Run Involving a DWUI

Sometimes when a person is involved in an accident while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they think leaving the scene will allow them to avoid the consequences of being involved in a collision. Or perhaps they do not have car insurance, are concerned about increased insurance rates, want to avoid being arrested for DWUI, or did not realize the accident happened.

Whatever the reason, fleeing the scene of an accident to avoid a DWUI charge can result in serious criminal charges. Wyoming police officers take hit and run charges seriously and are skilled at tracking down drivers who flee the scene of an accident.

Fortunately, if you left the scene of an accident, you can take steps to minimize the chances of being arrested and defend yourself by not offering the police evidence they will use to convict you.

Avoiding Charges of Hit and Run Involving a DWUI

After a hit and run, the driver almost always provides a description of the other vehicle, the driver, and their license plate number. Police will use this information to locate you and place you under arrest.

In many cases of hit and run, police assume the driver left the accident scene because they were under the influence.

If you left the scene of an accident, do your best to avoid in-person interactions with the police. Instead, politely explain that you have hired a lawyer and that our office will contact them.

If you consumed drugs or alcohol and police try to contact you shortly after an accident, do not let the police get near enough to determine whether you were under the influence. If they have in-person contact with you, they may write in their report that you appeared to be under the influence.

Defenses Against Hit and Run Involving DWUI

After a hit and run, police will almost certainly try to locate and arrest you. They will interview witnesses, look for video cameras that will identify you as the driver, and check local body shops for cars that match the description of the vehicle involved in the crash.

If you were involved in a collision and are charged with hit and run involving a DWUI, you can defend yourself against the charges and avoid a conviction. You are presumed innocent until proven guilty, and you have the constitutional right to a vigorous legal defense.

The criminal defense team at Just Criminal Law will investigate and defend you against the criminal charges. We will fight to reduce or avoid the fines, penalties, and possible jail time that comes with a conviction for hit and run involving DWUI.

Every situation is unique, and we will tailor our legal defense to the circumstances of your case. If the accident was minor, we might argue that you could not have known the accident occurred or that it caused injury or damage. In more serious cases, you might have left the scene to get help, have been falsely accused, or were mistakenly identified.

You might have other defenses available if the police failed to follow proper procedures and protocols. And, as with any criminal charge, the prosecutor must prove every element of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt.

Just Criminal Law: Protecting Your One Shot at Justice

Charges of hit and run involving a DWUI are serious. But the experienced criminal defense team at Just Criminal Law is here to help. We will conduct an independent investigation, develop a legal defense, and fight to protect your rights in court.

From our offices in Gillette, we represent people in Wyoming and South Dakota who have been charged with hit and run involving a DWUI.

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DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this article is offered for educational purposes only. This information is not offered as legal advice. A person accused of a crime should always consult with an attorney before making decisions that have legal consequences.