Penalties for a Wyoming DWUI Conviction

If you or someone you know was charged with Driving While Under the Influence (DWUI) in Wyoming, understand that the potential penalties can be severe. But with an experienced DWUI defense team at your side, you can fight the charges, seek to have them reduced, or even have the case against you dismissed.

The DWUI defense team at Just Criminal Law has been defending people accused of DWUI since 2012. Our lawyers began their careers in the prosecutor’s office, where they learned first-hand how the state prepares and prosecutes DWUI cases. Our lead criminal investigator spent more than 20 years working in the Campbell County Sherriff’s office. And our paralegal and intake specialist are dedicated to helping defend our clients against a DWUI or other criminal charges.

If you are facing Wyoming DWUI charges, you don’t have to go it alone. Put our experienced DWUI defense team to work for you.

DWUI Penalties for a First-Time Offense

In Wyoming, you can be charged with a DWUI if you have a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of .08% or higher (.04% if you are a commercial driver) or if you are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

If you are convicted of a first-time offense, you face up to 6 months in jail, a fine of up to $750, and a 90-day driver’s license suspension. You will also be required to complete substance abuse treatment. Based on the results, the court may order sobriety monitoring using alcohol and drug monitoring equipment to ensure that participants remain sober.

If your BAC was .15% or higher, the court will order mandatory installation of an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) at your expense.

Penalties for a Second or Third DWUI

If you were convicted of a DWUI charge within the past ten years, the penalties for a DWUI conviction are even more severe.

Second DWUI Charge in Ten Years

If this is your second DWUI in ten years, you face between 7 days and 6 months in jail, a fine of $200 to $750, a driver’s license suspension of up to one year, and an IID for up to one year.

Third DWUI Charge in Ten Years

If this is your third DWUI charge in ten years, you face between 30 days and 6 months in jail, a fine of $750 to $3,000, a driver’s license suspension of up to three years, and an IID for up to two years.

For a second or third DWUI charge, the judge will also consider aggravating factors. For example, if you caused a serious accident while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you could face felony charges with penalties of up to 10 years in jail, a 3-year revocation of your driver’s license, and fines from $2,000 to $5,000.

How Our DWUI Defense Team Can Help

Mounting a successful defense against a DWUI charge requires a criminal defense team that understands the technical and complex nature of DWUI law. In any DWUI case, there are scientific issues about the reliability of the equipment that was used to test your BAC, the admissibility of the test results, and legal issues about whether the traffic stop was justified, whether the police officer had probable cause to believe you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, how the Breathalyzer test and Field Sobriety Tests were administered, and the admissibility of evidence.

To successfully defend against a DWUI charge, you need a DWUI defense team that knows and understands Wyoming DWUI law and will fight to protect your rights.

Just Criminal Law Will Protect Your One Shot at Justice

Under Wyoming law, prosecutors cannot dismiss a DWUI charge unless there is insufficient evidence to prove their case. At Just Criminal Law, we will independently investigate the charges against you, challenge the evidence, and fight to have the charges reduced or the case dismissed.

To give yourself the best chance of a successful result, hire the criminal defense team at Just Criminal Law. We have been defending people accused of DWUIs since 2012. From our offices in Gilette, Wyoming, we defend people in Wyoming and South Dakota who have been charged with a DWUI.

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DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this article is offered for educational purposes only. This information is not offered as legal advice. A person accused of a crime should always consult with an attorney before making decisions that have legal consequences.