Campbell County Has Highest DWUI Arrest Rate in Wyoming

Campbell County Sheriff's Office Receives Additional State Funding for DWUI Enforcement

The Campbell County Sheriff's Office is one of the few counties in Wyoming that receives state funding to pay police officers. Campbell County also has one of the highest annual DWUI arrest rates in all of Wyoming.

Depending on how you interpret the results, this could mean Campbell County has more impaired drivers than other parts of Wyoming, or that police have stepped up enforcement efforts.

DWUIs Account for Almost Half of Campbell County Arrests

In 2016, DWUIs accounted for 45% of Campbell County arrests. The state average was 24%.

One reason for the high DWUI arrest rate in Campbell County is that it is one of the only counties in Wyoming that receives state funding to pay officers during shifts when DWUI arrests are common. During those shifts, some officers are dedicated to pursuing drivers who are driving while under the influence, while other officers respond to other types of calls.

One could also argue that Campbell County needed the additional funds to pay police officers because there are more impaired drivers in Campbell County than in other parts of the state. For example, in 2018, half of the DWUI arrests in Campbell County involved people whose Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) was .15% or higher. The legal limit to be charged with DWUI in Wyoming is .08%.

In addition to state funding, the Gillette Police Department receives additional funding to target drivers who are driving while under influence, particularly during the summer months when people are travelling to the numerous events in the area.

Campbell County Has Dedicated Resources to Support People Struggling with Addiction

In 2016 Campbell County launched a dedicated DWUI court that is intended to provide comprehensive support and assistance for people struggling with addiction. The program is available to people who have been convicted of their third DWUI offense.

In 2017, the Campbell County Sheriff's office started a sobriety program that requires third time DWUI offenders to take a portable breath test every 12 hours as a requirement of their probation. The test measures whether they have consumed any alcohol in the last 12 hours.

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