Defending Against Felony Marijuana Possession Charges in WY

Unlike many of the surrounding states, marijuana remains illegal in Wyoming. With the exception of small amounts, possession of marijuana is a felony that can result in 5 to 10 years in prison and fines of up to $10,000, even for a first offense.

In addition to fines and possible jail time, if you are convicted of possession of marijuana, you face the possibility of collateral consequences such as the civil and administrative penalties that come with a conviction for marijuana possession and having a drug crime conviction on your record.

You can avoid many of the consequences of a drug crime conviction by working with an experienced criminal defense attorney who has experience defending against Wyoming charges for marijuana possession.

Wyoming criminal defense attorney Christina L. Williams and her criminal defense team have extensive experience representing people who have been charged with felony possession of marijuana in Wyoming and South Dakota.

Challenging the Circumstances of Your Arrest

If you have been charged with felony possession of marijuana, you need a defense team that will develop an effective strategy to challenge the prosecutor’s case.

This should begin with a careful analysis of the circumstances surrounding your arrest. If your criminal defense team can undermine the legal basis for the charge, the prosecutor may be forced to dismiss the case, or agree to a significantly reduced charge.

Actual Possession Versus Constructive Possession

Our criminal defense team will also analyze the type of possession at issue in your situation. For example, a case of actual possession of marijuana may require a different defense than a case that is premised upon charges of constructive possession. If your case involves constructive possession, your criminal defense team can raise significant questions about whether you were in possession of marijuana at all.

Defending Your Constitutional Rights

As with any criminal charge, our defense team will analyze the circumstances surrounding your arrest to determine whether any of your rights were violated.

If the police violated your right to remain silent, your right to an attorney, or your right against self-incrimination, or if the police did not have a warrant or probable cause to perform a search, our defense team will use the opportunity to try to have the charges dismissed, or use these mistakes as leverage to negotiate a more favorable plea bargain.

Exploring Alternative Sentencing

Defending against a charge of marijuana possession involves pre-trial negotiations with the prosecutor. During these negotiations, your attorney will explore the possibility of a reduced charge of an alternative sentence. You may be eligible for deferred prosecution, or able to avoid a criminal record by completing a drug rehabilitation program.

The Benefits of a Criminal Defense Team

A successful defense against charges of marijuana possession requires assistance from a skilled and experienced defense team. Your attorney will know how best to navigate charges of marijuana possession and will explore all of the alternatives to bring your case to a successful resolution.

Whether this is a first offense or a subsequent offense, it is important that you challenge the charges against you. Not only can you avoid the harshest penalties of a conviction for drug possession; you will also avoid facing enhanced penalties if you face criminal charges in the future.

Defending YOUR One Shot at Justice

If you have been charged with possession of marijuana, you need to hire an experienced criminal defense team as quickly as possible.

At Just Criminal Law, our team will thoroughly investigate the charges against you, formulate a plan for your defense, raise any available legal challenge, and negotiate with the prosecutor for a favorable plea bargain.

While we will explore alternative sentencing and the possibility of a plea bargain, we will be fully prepared to take your case to trial, if necessary.

Christina L. Williams is a former prosecutor who has extensive experience handling cases of felony marijuana possession. She works with an experienced team of criminal defense professionals who help her investigate the crimes her clients have been charged with committing as she zealously advocates for her clients, their rights, and their freedom.

If you have been charged with a drug crime in eastern Wyoming or western South Dakota, contact Just Criminal Law Group today to schedule a personalized case review and strategy session.

DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this article is offered for educational purposes only. This information is not offered as legal advice. A person accused of a crime should always consult with an attorney before making decisions that have legal consequences.

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