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Man Reading Court Summons

What Happens If You Fail to Appear for Court?

If you were charged with a crime, even something as minor as a traffic ticket, you received a summons to appear in court. This is a legal document that commands your appearance in a specific court at a specified date and time. If you fail to show up… Read More
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Thumb on Scale - Overcharging in a Criminal Case

Overcharging in a Criminal Case

Overcharging in a criminal case refers to a tactic used by law enforcement in which the police and prosecutor add additional charges against a defendant that they may or may not be able to prove if the case went to trial. Law enforcement does this to… Read More
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Gravestone of Ernesto Miranda

Why Are Miranda Rights Important?

History of Miranda Rights — Who Was Ernesto Miranda? Ernesto Miranda was a laborer who in 1963 was arrested and charged with the kidnapping and rape of Lois Ann Jameson. The victim’s brother had given police a description of Miranda’s truck, an… Read More
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Background Check Form for Criminal Record

Will Your Employer Find Out About Your Wyoming Assault Charge?

If you’ve been charged with assault in Wyoming, you may be wondering whether your employer will find out about your criminal charge, and whether you are obligated to tell your employer about it. You Are Only Obligated to Inform Your Employer Abou… Read More
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Accusing Finger Pointing

What If My Criminal Defense Attorney Thinks I'm Guilty?

Criminal defense lawyers are a funny lot – we spend an awful lot of time thinking and talking and arguing about whether our clients are guilty. But oddly enough, we’re probably the last people who are concerned with whether you actually did what… Read More
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Hands at computer doing trial prep

Trial Prep — What Our Team Can Do for You

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a DWUI in Wyoming, the stakes are high. Possible consequences include hefty fines and possible jail time. Depending on the circumstances, a DWUI conviction could even cost you your job. With so much at s… Read More
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Jury watching a criminal defendant testify at trial

Should a Criminal Defendant Testify at Trial?

It’s considered one of the most difficult questions a criminal defense lawyer faces in preparing for a trial — should your client testify? In actuality, except for in a few cases, the question, “Should a criminal defendant testify?”… Read More
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Declaration of Independence and Gavel indicating right to a jury

Judge or Jury — You Choose

I consider trial by jury as the only anchor ever yet imagined by man, by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution. ~ Thomas Jefferson If you’ve been accused of a crime in Wyoming and choose to take your case to trial… Read More
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Scales of Justice Icon

What to Expect at Trial

A criminal trial is the most high-profile part of any criminal case. Less than 10% of cases nationally actually go to trial. Most are resolved before trial through a plea bargain. Of course, as a former prosecutor and now as a Wyoming criminal defens… Read More
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Lady Justice Scales / Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

The State's Burden of Proof - What is Beyond a Reasonable Doubt?

"It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffers." These words, written in 1765 by English judge William Blackstone, stand for the idea that anyone accused of a crime is presumed innocent, and that to find someone guilty… Read More
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