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5 Questions About Restora…

5 Questions About Restoration of Rights in Wyoming

A Wyoming felony conviction carries significant penalties, including hefty fines, court costs, and jail time. You also lose many of your civil rights, including the right to vote, the right to serve on a jury, the right to hold office, and the right… Read More
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Meeting with a lawyer

Should I Hire a Lawyer If I Think I’m Guilty?

People facing criminal charges often wonder if the cost of hiring a lawyer is worth it, especially if they plan to plead guilty or think they’re guilty. Many people believe they should just enter a guilty plea, take their punishment, and try to get… Read More
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A policewoman talking with a young man

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Talk to the Police

Even if you haven’t committed a crime, it is dangerous to speak to the police without a lawyer. You could make a mistake that a police officer could misinterpret as a lie; the police officer might misremember the question he asked or your response… Read More
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Silhouette image of a man with broken chains on his wrist during sunset

Pardons in Criminal Cases

If you have been convicted of a felony in Wyoming or in federal court, a pardon may be the only way to seek relief from the consequences of your conviction. People who have been convicted of a felony lose many of their civil rights, including the rig… Read More
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A pencil erasing the word

5 Questions About Criminal Expungement in Wyoming

If your criminal record is making it more difficult to get a job, find an apartment, or get accepted into college or a trade school, a criminal expungement might be right for you. But don’t try to do it alone – the experienced team of crimina… Read More
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A policeman talking on the phone

What It Really Means When Police “Just Want to Talk”

Receiving a call from a police officer who says they “just want to talk” is unsettling at best, and terrifying at worst. If you have been contacted by the police and they tell you they “just want to talk,” contact a lawyer first. Hiring a law… Read More
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A woman is being arrested for underage drinking.

Impact of a Criminal Conviction on High School and College Students

High school and college students who have been accused of a crime not only face the legal consequences of a criminal conviction; they must also contend with how a criminal conviction will impact them at school, and the long-term implications of havin… Read More
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Admissible Evidence in a…

Admissible Evidence in a Wyoming Assault Case

In a criminal assault case, the prosecution must prove certain elements of a crime to persuade a judge or jury to find in its favor and secure a conviction. This is done through the presentation of evidence. Read More
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Criminal record and handcuffs on a desk.

The Impact of Prior Criminal Convictions

If you have a criminal record and are charged with another crime you face the possibility of enhanced penalties, including higher fines and a longer sentence than someone who is a first-time offender. Read More
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Prison vs Alternative Sentence in a Crossroad

Wyoming Criminal Diversion Programs - Alternatives to Jail

People who have been convicted of a crime in Wyoming do not always need to go to jail. In certain circumstances, alternatives to jail may be available, especially for first-time non-violent offenders. Juvenile Diversion Programs Juvenile diversion pr… Read More
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