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Sign Showing Penalties for a Wyoming Domestic Violence Conviction - Prison or Alternative Sentences

Penalties for a Wyoming Domestic Violence Conviction

Under Wyoming domestic violence laws, a person who commits an assault or battery against a member of the same household may be subject to stiffer penalties and a possible felony charge. The penalties are even higher if you prior convictions for viole… Read More
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Lawyer Researching Assault and Battery Felony Case on Laptop

Is Assault and Battery a Felony in Wyoming?

If you have been charged with assault in Wyoming, there is a chance you could spend time in prison and have a felony conviction on your criminal record for the rest of your life. An experienced Wyoming criminal defense attorney can help you unders… Read More
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Fingerprint for Criminal Record

​How to Have a Wyoming Assault Charge Expunged

Having a Wyoming assault charge expunged is the process or removing or sealing your criminal record from the public. Once you have successfully had your Wyoming assault charge expunged, you can truthfully answer, in limited circumstances, that you… Read More
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Background Check Form for Criminal Record

Will Your Employer Find Out About Your Wyoming Assault Charge?

If you’ve been charged with assault in Wyoming, you may be wondering whether your employer will find out about your criminal charge, and whether you are obligated to tell your employer about it. You Are Only Obligated to Inform Your Employer Abou… Read More
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Not guilty rubber stamp - Wyoming Self Defense Laws

Wyoming Self Defense Laws in Response to Charges of Assault and Battery

If you were involved in a fight and have been arrested for criminal assault and battery, you probably have questions about what kinds of penalties you might be facing, whether you’ll have to go to jail, and whether you can use Wyoming self defens… Read More
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Defendant on Witness Stand in Assault & Battery Case

Your Defense Against Wyoming Assault & Battery Charges

Many people believe that “assault and battery” is one crime. In fact, criminal battery is technically separate and distinct from assault. However, because an assault often precedes a battery, people are often charged with both. What is Assault an… Read More
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