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Lisa Reed

Not only does Lisa ensure the office runs smoothly by managing the day to day affairs of the firm like maintaining the firm's books and managing payroll, but she is also Just Criminal Law’s senior paralegal. Lisa fields client questions, helps the attorneys draft legal paperwork, and communicates with the court’s staff. She has earned the status of being Just Criminal Law’s most senior staff member having been with the firm since 2014. This makes Lisa the go-to person at the office for the staff and clients. Lisa has always been interested in continuing to learn as much as she can related to her career in the law and recently earned her paralegal degree. She uses her skills and background to help clients navigate their case through the system and is a firm believer in criminal defense. People have the right to a good defense. There is a need to protect those accused of committing a crime and a need to keep the criminal justice system in balance, that’s why Lisa loves working for Just Criminal Law. “It’s important for potential clients to know that Just Criminal Law is here to help. We really do care.”